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Does it work?

Can You Really Lose Weight by Eating Cookies?

Dr. Siegal knows what the rest of us don’t – that we can curb our hunger with a precise blend of amino acids.  With this exclusive knowledge, Dr. Siegal invented The Cookie Diet which has helped thousands to shed tons of weight over the last 25 years.

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Dr. Siegal’s COOKIE DIET® weight-loss system and hunger-controlling cookies and shake mixes have helped more than 500,000 people lose weight. They were created in 1975 by Dr. Sanford Siegal to help patients of his Miami, Florida medical practice, Siegal Medical Group, control their hunger and stick to their diets. To this day, Dr. Siegal mixes every batch of his secret amino acid protein blend with his own hands in his private bakery.

Cookie Diet Review

This diet works well for those who have a bit of a sweet tooth and could benefit by calorie control.  In lieu of a fat laden donut or cream cheese slathered bagel, you simply eat a cookie when you feel hungry.  The cookies replace your breakfast and lunch.  For dinner you eat a modest and well balanced dinner.

The diet works because it limits your calorie intake and curbs your appetite while doing so.  It’s chief advantages are that it’s practically idiot proof and it’s great for those working office jobs, travel or are just on the go alot because the cookies are easily transported with you.

Short term, as long as you follow the program and watch what you eat for dinner, you can lose up to 15lbs per month 1/.  Now that’s a substantial amount to lose in a month.  Think about it, follow this cookie diet for 2 months and you could easily be up to 30 lbs lighter than you are today and it’s easy!

Long term (more than 3 consecutive months), this diet may be hard to stick with.  You could end up tiring of the cookies.  There are shake alternatives to the cookies which would help but sooner or later you’ll probably tire of the cookies.  So this diet is best used for 2 – 3 months to get your weight under control.  By then, you will likely have re-trained your body to look for fewer calories so maintaining your weight loss should be possible.

The cookie diet gets our thumbs up for ease of use, and short term significant results.  In essence we think it’s the best cookie diet.  If you need to shape up for a big event – say your wedding or a high school reunion, Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet is probably just the right diet for you.

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